Year: 2007

Virtual Shout-Out!

I realize I am about a week or so behind on this whole giving thanks thing but I need to give a huge thank you to some incredible people and companies who have really helped me and been so supportive through this whole book ordeal. The book goes to print this Friday and it has been one hellava process… Read On

Ten Years!

Today I have ten years clean and sober. Ten years of shifting, screaming, cleaning, laughing, crying, changing, dealing, unveiling, processing, living…ten years of it all the good and the bad. Ten years without the reliance on a mind or mood altering substance to deal with life on life’s terms. Ten years of brutal honesty and rebuilding of self… Read On

Pre-sales, Book tour and Anxiety!

First and foremost, THANK YOU from the bottom of my heart for going online to Amazon and pre-ordering your copy of Blackout Girl! You have no idea how much it means to me that you support what I am doing. The pre-sales thus far have blown my publisher away! In fact, they said they have never seen a book sell so well in pre-sales… Read On

The book is on Amazon!

Wow things just keep happening and it is all so incredibly exciting. I finished copy editing and just signed off on the first copy of the layout and page design–which I have to say look AMAZING. I think you are going to love what the pages look like! So next week we will start sending out review copies…that will be a little nerve racking… Read On

Welcome to my new webpage and blog!

The webpage is finally live. Please bare with us while we work out a couple common glitches! Otherwise, every page should work fine and please feel free to share the page with your friends! I will be blogging on here frequently to update you on the book progress and eventually to take you on tour with me as I hope to travel to various locations upon the launch of the book… Read On

Life Term Offers Some Justice for Victim

In Pennsylvania, Life means Life! This is one of the phrases I rely on to tell homicide survivors in the hopes of somehow providing them with justice for the horrific loss they are dealing with… Read On

New Book Cover and Photo Shoots

So today I got my book cover. It is so more real to me in this moment that I can express that I am about to have a book published. A book of my life no less! I am about to completely have my whole being lay naked before the world. I have had more emotions running through me this week that I can articulate and describe… Read On