Month: April 2008

Crutching and Philadelphia

Holla! I hope your weekend served you well. I had a great one with one minor exception. I was at my usual Saturday morning body combat class, throwing punches and kicking the air like Jackie Chan on crack. This is how I roll… Read On


Oh I said it and I know yes, technically, I am a Penn State Alumni and I am not deterring from my duties as a respectfully proud alumni…in fact I invoked Dear Old State multiple times and paid homage to my alma mater. However, I must give props where props are due and University of Connecticut was nothing but good times!! Read On

Thank you central PA!

Wow, is all I can say about my first book signing at Barnes and Noble! I am so grateful for all of you who came out to hear me speak and to purchase my book. I couldn’t believe every time I looked up how many more faces I saw in the crowd. You were a beautiful group of people and so encouraging for me as the author! Read On