Rosie O’Donnell bought my book!

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OMG! So I have been emailing/stalking Rosie O’Donnell now for like a month or so.I don’t really think it can be considered stalking since it’s an option on her webpage, but nonetheless!

She has a great webpage, where she posts video, blogs and has a great interactive question and answer portion. She actually answers fans questions—which just this fact alone–makes her rock in my opinion!!!

To me she is just so human…not a celebrity…but this amazingly brutally honest human person who is just trying to speak her truth in the best way she knows how. I have nothing but respect for that and the way she is raising her children…well that to me is just beautiful and nothing short of admirable!

So, back to my quasi stalking… I have been writing to her for a while now in hopes that she would read my book and maybe like it. I wanted to send her a copy but for the life of me could not find an address for her anywhere…they tend to keep that information pretty hidden. So I just started to email her, everyday I would wake up, get my coffee and stumble to my computer and email Rosie. It was starting to become part of my morning routine!

Well today, one day shy of my birthday, she RESPONDED!!!! She bought my book!!!! Ahhhh, how excited am I. I couldn’t ask for a better birthday present!! I cannot wait to see if she likes it…which I think she will. But let me just add one more note to this…she BOUGHT my book…she could have easily said, “Yes, send it to me and I’ll see if I have time.” Like many of lesser celebrity status have said to me…but no she actually went on Amazon and BOUGHT it.This says so much more to me.

THANK YOU ROSIE, just for that alone THANK YOU!

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