Veggie delight in Philly and Miley Cyrus

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I have returned from my travels in Philadelphia. It was a great trip and I must say that I think I single handedly revitalized the city’s economy. Seriously, the mayor should give me like a certificate or something. I went a little crazy but it was way fun! I miss the big city environment if not simply for the wonderful vegetarian and vegan options at so many restaurants. I can actually walk into most trendy little places and find multiple options for my little veggie palate! Not so much in central PA…the options are pasta or salad. Seriously, can I get some tofu please!! I had…drum roll please…Tofu BBQ Wings that were to die for at this little place called The Belgium Café on 21st and Green Street, if you are ever in Philly, I highly recommend this place it was awesome!

I have to briefly comment on the whole Miley Cyrus stupidity. First off, I find it disturbing that this has become such the ordeal that it has. Do we not have enough major issues going on in this world that this is what every news program in the country is talking about? Umm, are we not still at war? Are there not still soldiers dying almost daily? Did gas not just increase AGAIN! I’m just saying…

Secondly, the picture with her and the sheet was not the best decision I will give people that. I actually didn’t think it was sexy…but then again…I don’t have the sick ability of looking at a 15 year old in a sexy way the way that apparently most Americans can. I found it to be rather sickly…like she looked kind of ill to me, all hunched over and her hair all a mess like that.

Lastly, ANYONE who could look at the picture of her and her father and think anything other than it is a beautiful picture of a close father and daughter is a SICK PERVERT!!! I mean seriously…what the hell is wrong with people. How far down have we gone as a society that this is where our brains immediately go to? Should she have had her stomach show? At 15 probably not, but hey, I have a whole lot more than that showing at that age. Have you seen the shorts that most of these teenagers are wearing??? Not saying it is right or wrong but it is unfortunately the trends and reality for many. I dare you to try and shop in any major department store and find shorts that aren’t way up a girl’s ass.

I really take issue with the way our culture and our media just sits in waiting like a REAL predator waiting to pounce upon the innocence of some to expose them as villains. God forbid now that Britney is taking her meds and acting normal, they need someone to throw up on the proverbial media cross to crucify. I am now off my soapbox…

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