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So 2008 is coming to a close and what a year it has been.  I cannot undeniably say one way or another what  this year truly meant for me.  It held some great excitement with the book tour—but the excitement of publication was actually all claimed in 2007 so the high was kind of on the down low by the time I reached 2008, if that makes sense. Speaking to crowds is my craving, my pleasure and my joy.  It is the greatest gift this book has given me.  Second only to the amazing, heartfelt, brutally honest and relatable emails I received daily from readers of my book.  Thank you all for baring your individual souls with me and letting me know that this book had a purpose and it extended to your heart.

I spent the majority of 2008 buried in the second manuscript.  The sequel if you will.  My goal was to have the writing done by the end of this year and I am thrilled to say that the entire manuscript is now in the hands of my trusted and god sent editor.  I love this woman! She makes me dive deeper into things that I originally intended; she organizes my random brain dumps and encourages me that they don’t suck!

I have learned a tremendous amount about myself this year and have grown a lot.  I am still not 100% positive that I know what I want to be when I grow up but I think I am getting an inch closer.  I think this year will either bring serious stability or a whirl wind of change that will rock my whole world and rearrange it all.  Just a hunch!

Shouts out for 2008!  First and foremost—Jennifer Merchant of The Bravo Group, my ambassador of Public Relations; this chick rocks my world!  Sharon Caslten, Book Marketer extraordinaire, David Robertson of Factory 44, who fixes all the crazy shit that happens to my webpage every time I sent him one of my “What the hell is this!!!” emails! Devra Ann Jacobs my agent, for well, becoming my agent!  Jean Cook, editor of my life, for making sense of all my writing. Cathy Renna the queen of all queer public relations and more. Joanne McCall for sticking with me and giving me advice even after the contract went away. Kim Weiss for her great encouraging emails and blogs! There are many more that have helped shape this year for the book and my writing career and I love you all!

Dreams for 2009! To have previously mentioned sequel published! To have a writer, producer, director, actor SOMEONE read Blackout Girl and say—This would make a great movie and then put action behind that statement—preferably with Diablo Cody somehow attached to the project.

Buy a home that is a true reflection of me and my life or rent a shack on the outskirts of the California Coast.  (see previous predictions for 2009 😉

Become debt free…I will stop living off the nipple of the credit card industry.  Just hard cold cash this year or nothing.

Fall in love over and over again. Even if it is only with myself; because without love what else is there and self-love is the best kind of love.  

Bring to life on paper the rambling fictional characters who have been bouncing around in my mind for the past months.  Who would have ever thought I would be writing fiction.

I think that is it…have a peaceful New Years Eve—don’t drink and drive as it serves NO PURPOSE.  Just crash where you are or here is a thought—ring in the New Year sober so you can actually remember what the hell happened. See you in 2009!!!

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