Month: May 2009

Sober Sister

Graduation is approaching and the freedom that college promises is right around the corner.  It is a time for celebration and preparation.  As you decide what to pack for college, get to know your roommate and figure your course schedule–there is one other thing you should prepare for and I guarantee it didn’t make it to your “Things I need for college list”… Read On


Yesterday I got an email via a social networking site from a young girl who read my book.  I get emails like this daily, it is the reason I wrote the book, to reach young people and let them know they aren’t alone.  This email was a little different.  The young girl said she was cutting herself and using drugs and she could relate to my story… Read On

Mother’s Day

Traditionally my birthday and mother’s day have always fallen on the same weekend or at the least one weekend apart. When I was little some of my sweetest mother/daughter moments were of these times.  My only truly fond memories of my mom and I are when I was very young, around age 5 or 6 when we would get all dressed up and go to this mother/daughter dinner thing with our church… Read On