Year: 2011

Sandusky waives preliminary hearing and victims left to wait.

Today in a move that no one saw coming, Jerry Sandusky and his attorney chose to waive the preliminary hearing in the case of the Commonwealth vs Jerry Sandusky  on behalf of the now ten victims who have come forward with allegations of horrific sexual violence. Often times we do see defendant’s wave their preliminary hearings… Read On

Penn State scandal: We must all be accountable

Patriot-News Op-Edby Jennifer Storm Many of us who work in the criminal justice system have witnessed a systematic failure when it comes to reporting child sexual abuse. The Jerry Sandusky case is the latest example of that failure. Sex crimes are often veiled in silence because they are so utterly horrific — making the act almost incomprehensible… Read On

Jennifer on ABC World News with Diane Sawyer

Jennifer on ABC World News with Diane Sawyer Jennifer Storm was interviewed by Dan Harris on ABC WORLD NEWS regarding the Jerry Sandusky case… Read On

PSU Alumni Jennifer Storm responds to Jerry Sandusky sex assault scandal

Jennifer was recently interviewed in light of the Jerry Sandusky sex assault scandal, as a PSU graduate, she had a lot to say. Fox 43 NewsWNEP 16 NEWS York Daily RecordPatriot-News: Victims’ rights advocate says Penn State football coach Joe Paterno, others made major moral and ethical blunder in Sandusky caseABC 27: videoWITF Smart Talk: radio Statement from Jennifer Storm… Read On

Victims Rights

Have you ever been a victim of crime? Do you know someone who has been a victim of crime? Would you know what to do, where to turn or who to reach out too if you were a victim of crime? Did you know that as a crime victim, you have certain rights afforded to you under the law? Read On

What does the “picking up” part mean?

At a recent book signing, I was asked what does the “picking up” in my new book title, Picking Up the Pieces WITHOUT Picking Up mean? It dawned on me that not everyone may be familiar with this phrase. In most 12 step programs the term “picking up” means relapsing into an old negative behavior, such as picking up a drink… Read On

Get Your Autographed Book Now

Cannot get to a book signing but want Jennifer’s books signed!! Jennifer can now accept online orders via paypal. Just click on the button, choose which of Jennifer’s three books you want, how you want it personalized and it will be shipped to you where ever you are!!  … Read On

Picking Up the Pieces Without Picking Up

Picking Up the Pieces without Picking Up A Guidebook through Victimization for People in RecoveryBy Jennifer StormA compassionate guidebook for rebuilding your life without returning to addictive behaviors.“A guidebook that I would highly recommend to any victim as he or she struggles to find a ‘new normal.’ Jennifer Storm has compassionately composed exercises that empower one to transition from darkness into light… Read On

Link to 48 Hours Web Extra

Here is the link to the CBS 48 Hours Live to Tell show that aired last week.  Jennifer was in a web extra that you can view here.… Read On