Victims Rights

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Have you ever been a victim of crime? Do you know someone who has been a victim of crime? Would you know what to do, where to turn or who to reach out too if you were a victim of crime? Did you know that as a crime victim, you have certain rights afforded to you under the law?

Most people don’t realize they have rights unless they unfortunately they are faced with the trauma and crisis of being victimized. My new book, Picking Up the Pieces Without Picking Up and here for you as a guide through that process. It will guide you through every feasible situation you may have to face as a crime victim, not only the emotional healing components but navigating the arduous criminal justice system. Forget what you see on TV, none of it is a true reflection of what you are about to experience.

Additionally what this book will help you with it maintaining or finding recovery. Victimization can be a life altering event and hands down the most stressful situation you will ever face. It is a time when you will need to pull together every recovery tool you have learned or to find as many as you can through the pages of this book so you don’t fall back onto old behaviors such as picking up a drink or a drug to deal with it all.

This book, with the help of positive affirmation and exercises will educate you on your rights as a victim, on ways to overcome the tragedy you are facing and vital lifesaving tools to ensure you do it all without relapsing into a negative coping mechanism.

This book will empower you to seek the assistance you are entitled too by law to engage the process you now find yourself in with the criminal justice system, you are not just a piece of evidence–you are a key player and this book will teach you how to ensure you aren’t left in the dark about YOUR rights as a crime victim.


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