Month: November 2011

Penn State scandal: We must all be accountable

Patriot-News Op-Edby Jennifer Storm Many of us who work in the criminal justice system have witnessed a systematic failure when it comes to reporting child sexual abuse. The Jerry Sandusky case is the latest example of that failure. Sex crimes are often veiled in silence because they are so utterly horrific — making the act almost incomprehensible… Read On

Jennifer on ABC World News with Diane Sawyer

Jennifer on ABC World News with Diane Sawyer Jennifer Storm was interviewed by Dan Harris on ABC WORLD NEWS regarding the Jerry Sandusky case… Read On

PSU Alumni Jennifer Storm responds to Jerry Sandusky sex assault scandal

Jennifer was recently interviewed in light of the Jerry Sandusky sex assault scandal, as a PSU graduate, she had a lot to say. Fox 43 NewsWNEP 16 NEWS York Daily RecordPatriot-News: Victims’ rights advocate says Penn State football coach Joe Paterno, others made major moral and ethical blunder in Sandusky caseABC 27: videoWITF Smart Talk: radio Statement from Jennifer Storm… Read On