Pennsylvania Victim Advocate Jennifer Storm interview by New York Times on Bill Cosby case.

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Jennifer interviewed for New York Times Article on Cosby Jurors 

Today’s announcement of criminal charges against Bill Cosby serve as true vindication and validation of over 40 brave women who have come forward with similar stories of sexual assault. I applaud the Montgomery County District Attorney’s office for their thoughtful and conscientious review of the facts in this case. I further commend them for not giving up on this victim when so many others had in the past. Sometimes justice moves slowly and often for victims in high profile sexual assault cases, it never comes. The victims who have watched their offender walk above the law because of his status will hopefully feel some redemption in the face of all the speculation and condemnation they have endured over these years.

Jennifer may be reached today via cell at 717-756-9741 or via email .