Penn State named nation’s top party school in Princeton Review survey

I got clean and sober at Penn State.  I went to college there in early recovery and stayed clean and sober for my entire four year stay there. Sure there were times when it was hard, but my recovery was what enabled me to go there in the first place and become the first person in my family ever to graduate from college… Read On

Sober Sister

Graduation is approaching and the freedom that college promises is right around the corner.  It is a time for celebration and preparation.  As you decide what to pack for college, get to know your roommate and figure your course schedule–there is one other thing you should prepare for and I guarantee it didn’t make it to your “Things I need for college list”… Read On


Yesterday I got an email via a social networking site from a young girl who read my book.  I get emails like this daily, it is the reason I wrote the book, to reach young people and let them know they aren’t alone.  This email was a little different.  The young girl said she was cutting herself and using drugs and she could relate to my story… Read On

Mother’s Day

Traditionally my birthday and mother’s day have always fallen on the same weekend or at the least one weekend apart. When I was little some of my sweetest mother/daughter moments were of these times.  My only truly fond memories of my mom and I are when I was very young, around age 5 or 6 when we would get all dressed up and go to this mother/daughter dinner thing with our church… Read On


The new movie Observe and Report comes off in commercials like any other funny pushing the limit Seth Rogen film.  I’ve seen many of his films and while yes they push the limits-they have never gone this far.  Apparently in the middle of this movie the filmmaker’s crash about as far over a line as one can go… Read On

Second Book…

Well, today is the day. I sign the contract on my second memoir to be released in Feb of 2010! Every time I think about it, I just shake my head. I cannot believe that I am actually going to have a second publication out there. I am so proud and thrilled. The book is tentatively titled… Read On

Spring Tour Schedule

It is so exciting to see spring right around the corner. I need more sunshine and longer days. My tour schedule is starting to book up again nicely for spring too so please check it out and if you are in any of the areas listed, please drop by and see me!  I am also hopefully adding many more in the upcoming weeks so keep checking back as I may be in a city or town near you. … Read On


This morning I read a passage in my daily reflection that spoke of the various masks we wear in our lives. In my addiction, I was an ever changing person always accommodating the outside world and never truly revealing who I was inside.  I would dress up and paint on whatever face I thought was expected of me on any given day. … Read On

ebook, Tour Schedule and Vegan!

So spring seems to be heating up for me as my schedule is slowly filling up with great speaking events and book signings.  Mosey on over to the tour schedule page and take a gander and if you’re in the neighborhood stop on by if you can! Additionally, my book will be out as an ebook in the upcoming months. … Read On

Out with the old…

So 2008 is coming to a close and what a year it has been.  I cannot undeniably say one way or another what  this year truly meant for me.  It held some great excitement with the book tour—but the excitement of publication was actually all claimed in 2007 so the high was kind of on the down low by the time I reached 2008… Read On

Love Junkie

By Rachel Resnick This brutally honest account of Resnick’s personal compulsion toward sex to fill the void of her horrific childhood is a must read for anyone who seeks to understand love and sex obsession. Resnick details is vivid prose her dysfunctional childhood wrought with abandonment, sexual confusion, her mothers alcoholism and neglect. It is a miracle she made it without turning to alcoholism herself… Read On


Tomorrow I get on a plane to spend the week in Vegas.  I am totally excited.  If you are in the area come out to my book signing on Friday night!  Here are the details… Next Book Signing…..VEGAS BABY!Friday Dec 5th, 2008Genesis Book Store1815 W. Charleston Blvd. Suite # 1Las Vegas, NV 89102Phone… Read On