How to support loved ones during Sexual Assault Awareness Month

Plus, a list of resources that can be helpful for everyone Apr. 1, 2021 April is Sexual Assault Awareness Month: an event intended to create space for survivors’ voices, shed light on the insidious nature of sexual violence and amplify calls to action. But this month-long focus on sexual assault can be painful for survivors. “We have all these events and opportunities to dialogue and create awareness… Read On

What My Assault Taught Me About How I Will Speak to My Children About Consent

I was assaulted when I was 12 and no one in my family knew how to help. Here are five ways parents can talk to their kids about their bodies and consent… Read On

A Letter to my Sloppy Drunk-Ass Self—For Anytime she Thinks a Drink might Be a Good Idea.

Remember when you lost your car for two days and had to act casual as you called all your friends trying to piece together the events of the night before? Read On

How to Cope with Depression and Addiction

U.S. depression rates have tripled since the onset of COVID-19. According to a new study, nearly a quarter of Americans are experiencing trouble sleeping, lethargy, and other symptoms associated with depression… Read On

The Five Pillars of Recovery from Trauma and Addiction

Believe in yourself. Tell yourself that you deserve happiness, joy, success, and a life free from the pain of trauma and addiction. You are worth your recovery… Read On

Marie Claire publishes exclusive excerpt from Awakening Blackout Girl

In honor of National Suicide Prevention Awareness Month, Marie Claire shares an excerpt from Jennifer’s upcoming book, Awakening Blackout Girl Read On

You Better Werk

Beep beep Eyes slowly peel awake to reveal more darkness than light, it’s one of those mornings when it feels like it’s midnight, the blinking red evidence of my 5:30AM alarm is confusing me.  Alexa -OFF As my eyes adjust to the semi-glow slowly seeping through the edges of my blinds, I pull the sheet back and get a quick chill… Read On

Suicide Prevention Month: There is Hope After Trauma: The First Step to Coping

Unthinkable loss and insurmountable grief were felt across the country when the news broke of the death of Daisy Coleman, an outspoken high school sexual assault survivor who went on to create Safe Bae an organization dedicated to educating other high school students on consent and sexual assault… Read On

The Trauma that Lies Underneath COVID-19 Headlines.

It’s one of those perfect days when the sun is casting its brilliance and holding court in a crystal-blue sky… Read On

Stress, Trauma and COVID: It’s Ok to Not Be Ok

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