Booking Requests

Jennifer Storm is currently available for the any of the following or a combination of the following:

  • Keynote Lectures
  • Book Signings
  • Book Readings
  • Rallies
  • Endorsements
  • Public Events
  • Panel Discussions
  • Workshops
  • Small Discussions
  • Middle and High School Lectures

On the following topics:

  • Recovery and Resiliency-Jennifer Storm’s personal story
  • Sexual Assault & Consent Educational Program with Laws Tailored to Your State
  • Freshman Orientation on Alcohol Awareness & Sexual Assault & Consent
  • Athlete Specific Trainings
  • Sexuality, Bullying & Hate Crimes
  • Suicide Prevention
  • Alcohol Facilitated Sexual Assault
  • Trauma, Victimization, Substance Abuse
  • Victims Rights & Navagating the Criminal Justice System
  • Homicide Response, the first 48 Hours
  • Healing in the Aftermath of Crime & Substance Abuse
  • Management & Marketing For Non-Profit Organizations
  • How to write, speak and publish your personal story
  • Victim’s Rights
  • Criminal Justice Reform
  • LGBTQ Inclusion
  • Leadership & Development
  • Developing Model Standards for Victim’s Services
  • Ethics and Codes of Conduct

Mrs. Storm is extremely flexible and will tailor her visit to meet your particular needs.

Great News for Funding!

OVC TTAC will pay to bring Mrs. Storm to your location for any speaking you are looking for. They will fund keynotes, workshops, plenary sessions, multi-day sessions. You can fully customize the sessions. To apply for funding, please fill out the following form and specify that you are requesting Jennifer Storm.

To schedule a booking fill out the following form.

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Phyllis Parsons
925-934-5300 or 925-788-0010

John Drinkwater

If you are seeking comment from Mrs. Storm regarding her as the Victim Advocate for the Commonwealth of PA you must contact Renee Bressler,