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Blackout Girl LLC is a full-service consulting firm. Jennifer Storm, the CEO, has over 22 years of experience in non-profit management, governmental relations, and higher education. She can lend her expertise on any of the following or a combination of the following topics: (Please note all of these presentations can be offered online, i.e., Zoom, Webinar, etc.)

  • Keynote Lectures
  • Book Signings
  • Book Readings
  • Rallies
  • Endorsements
  • Promotional Videos
  • Blogging, Writing Articles
  • Public Events
  • Panel Discussions
  • Workshops
  • Small Discussions/Focus Groups
  • Middle and High School Lectures
  • Strategic Planning
  • Stakeholder Engagement
  • Social Media Marketing/Planning
  • All other consulting as needed

On the following topics:

  • Recovery and Resiliency-Jennifer Storm’s personal story
  • Vicarious Trauma and Compassion Fatigue.
  • Building a Trauma-Informed Agency or Community.
  • Victim’s Rights & Enforcement
  • Criminal Justice Reform & Engaging Victims/Survivors and Advocates
  • Alcohol-Facilitated Sexual Assault & Consent Educational Program with Laws Tailored to Your State
  • Freshman Orientation on Alcohol Awareness & Sexual Assault & Consent
  • Media and High Profile Cases
  • Strategic Planning and Gap Analysis
  • Band-Aid on a Bullet Hole: Understanding Why Traditional Treatment Does Not Work With Trauma
  • Victims Services and Police Partnerships, Making Collaborations that benefit victims most.
  • How to Recruit, Retain and Sustain Employees in a high Turnaround field.
  • Writing Your Own Story & Getting Published
  • Trauma, Addition, and Victimization – The Unspoken Cycles
  • Jerry Sandusky-The Aftermath and Lessons Learned
  • Sexuality, Bullying & Hate Crimes
  • Suicide Prevention
  • Homicide Response, the First 48 Hours
  • Management of Non-Profit Organizations
  • Ethics and Codes of Conduct
  • Management & Marketing For Non-Profit Organizations
  • LGBTQ Inclusion
  • Leadership & Development
  • Developing Model Standards for Victim’s Services
  • Systems Mapping
  • Facilitation of meetings, focus groups, etc.

Ms. Storm is highly flexible and will tailor her visit to meet your needs. In light of COVID-19, Mrs. Storm has provided her lectures and presentations online and can accommodate any online forums.

Awakening Curriculum

A New 10-Week Course for Survivors of Sexual Assault with Substance Use Issues

Endorsements for Jennifer Storm

“In 2013 I had the pleasure to appoint Jennifer Storm as Victim Advocate for Pennsylvania. Throughout my prosecutorial career, I was a strong believer in the need for victims to be recognized and assisted in the criminal justice system. I was very pleased to have an outstanding individual to appoint as the Victim Advocate. Her performance speaks for itself. She has been widely recognized, not only in Pennsylvania but nationally as a dedicated advocate for victims of crime.  I wish her the best in her future endeavors. “

Govenor Tom Corbett

“Jennifer Storm has served our commonwealth well as Victim Advocate, and she will be missed, Jennifer’s empathy, dedication, and ferocious commitment to justice made her an ideal advocate for victims and survivors throughout the commonwealth. I extend my thanks to Jennifer for all she has done to ease the burdens of victims and survivors and to address the challenges they face.”

Governor Tom Wolf

Great News for Funding!

OVC TTAC will pay to bring Mrs. Storm to your location for any speaking you want. They will fund keynotes, workshops, plenary sessions, and multi-day sessions. You can fully customize the sessions. To apply for funding, please fill out the following form and specify that you are requesting Jennifer Storm.

To schedule Jennifer, fill out the following form. If you do not hear back, please email directly.

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