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As a content expert on victims rights issues, a survivor of sexual assault and an out spoken advocate, Jennifer Storm no stranger to the media, in fact she is often times the first call they make when stories break. Book Jennifer Now!

Jennifer’s presentations have won her much praise as she presents an interactive program that looks at one woman’s recovery from addiction, trauma and adversity and identifies key components of what can help a person turn their lives around. Jennifer Storm is the ultimate survivor turned thriver having chronicled her own story of victimization and recovery in her memoirs Blackout Girl: Growing up and Drying out in America, Leave the Light On and Picking Up the Pieces Without Picking Up. As a child and teen survivor of sexual assault as well as a woman in recovery from addiction, Jennifer Storm can speak first hand about the complexities of biological and emotional responses of trauma, understanding sexual identity, the effects of substance abuse and discuss how to obtain and maintain long-term recovery, and victim’s rights. She is the gubernatorial appointed Victim Advocate of the State of Pennsylvania. She is a widely sought-out expert speaker on the subjects of trauma, addiction and victim’s rights. She has worked on several high profile cases including the Jerry Sandusky case, Bill Cosby and Archdiocese of Pennsylvania.

Mrs. Storm will discuss issues related to Alcohol Facilitated Sexual Assault, trauma associated with the aftermath of sexual assault, addiction as a coping mechanism and finally how to heal as a survivor.

The learning environment will be interactive, fun, and educational. Questions and discussion will be encouraged. Ms. Storm has a unique story that can be presented in a variety of ways to a variety of audiences.

She has given hundreds of lectures, keynote presentations, workshops, book readings, etc.

She has over 16 years experience in non-profit management and governmental relations and can lend her expertise on the following topics:

  • Marketing and Media
  • Freshman Orientation on Alcohol Awarness and Sexual Assault
  • Consent Should be Given, Not Taken. An in depth look at consent and alcohol as it relates to your specific state.
  • Band-Aid on a Bullet Hole: Understanding Why Traditional Treatment Does Not Work With Trauma
  • The first 48 Hours: Reponse to Homicides
  • Victims Services and Police Partnerships, Making Collaborations that benefit victims most.
  • How to Recruit, Retain and Sustain Employees in a high turn around field.
  • Writing Your Own Story & Getting Published
  • Trauma, Addition and Victimization – The Unspoken Cycles
  • Jerry Sandusky-The Aftermath and Lesson’s Learned

Jennifer’s content can be modfied to fit all audiences and age groups.  Below are just a few targeted communities Ms. Storm can speak to and why she is a perfect fit.


Athletic Departments

athletes 3

Every issue Jennifer Storm touches upon in her book has directly and numerously impacted student athletes; and they deserve to hear her story of survival. Coaches often prepare young women to be invincible and resilient, forgetting the unfortunate reality that they are vulnerable to abuse.  Jennifer’s story hits home with one in four athletes as survivors of assault, one in ten athletes who are struggling with their sexuality, countless others who have survived an alcoholic and/or chemically dependent family, and many who are struggling with or in recovery themselves from addiction, be it alcohol/drug related or disordered eating. Mrs. Storm is an approved NCAA speaker, and universities and colleges are able to apply for a $500 scholarship through the NCAA towards her fees when bringing her to campus.


Sexual Assault Specific

With the recent headlines and outrage over the Sandusky crimes against children and the #MeToo Movement, the topic of sexual assault is more prevalent now more than ever.   As a child and teen survivor of sexual assault, Mrs. Storm talks about her personal struggles and how she made the decision one day to end her silence and use her voice to help others. She can speak specifically about the trauma victims of sexual abuse often endure during the abuse and the aftermath of public scandals. She is also a Penn State graduate and has been looked upon as the victims rights voice inside this horrific victimization.    Mrs. Storm is a member of the RAINN Speakers Bureau. RAINN is; The Rape, Abuse & Incest National Network, it is the nation’s largest anti-sexual assault organization. RAINN operates the National Sexual Assault Hotline and carries out programs to prevent sexual assault, help victims and ensure that rapists are brought to justice.


Jennifer Storm knows what it is like to feel ashamed and keep secrets from herself, her parents and her friends. It was those very secrets that almost killed her and kept her sick in her depression, drug abuse and binge drinking. After over 20 years of sobriety and healing from her past traumas, Mrs. Storm can share openly and honestly with teenagers about the importance of talking about their feelings and finding productive ways to process traumatic events. Jennifer has experience dealing with eating disorders, depression, addiction, suicide (her own attempts and her best friends’ completion) and dealing with her sexuality. Her story is vivid and relatable for teenagers and while the content is heavy, Jennifer provides a light, fun and interactive session for young people.


Jennifer Storm has dealt with a multitude of experiences; many common among adolescents and teens, and most that of a parent’s worst nightmare. Suicide, drugs, sexual assault, alcohol and self-mutilation were Jennifer’s reality growing up.  Mrs. Storm can give a keen insight into the thoughts, feelings and actions of a traumatized teenager and help encourage parents on how to approach their children and create a much needed– and possibly life saving– dialogue. Mrs. Storm offers a vivid and brutally honest account of her own actions.  Hers is a cautionary tale that every parent must hear. She receives countless emails each week from parents seeking assistance, Jennifer can offer a lens with which parents can view thier children better.


Jennifer began drinking at the ripe age of twelve and drank alcoholically from the first drink she ever took a sip. Drinking quickly lent itself to recreational drug use which turned to a dark addiction with crack cocaine in her teenage years.  Like many addicts, Jennifer used substances to avoid dealing with past trauma and victimization.  Her addiction reached a pivotal turning point when she tried to take her own life in sheer desperation and hopelessness.  Jennifer came through untold darkness to create for herself a life of accomplishment and joy, through working a twelve-step program of recovery. She has been clean and sober for over 20 years and shares her experience, strength and hope so that others may find recovery and understanding of addiction.

LGBTLGBT Community


Jennifer knew at a tender age that her primary attraction was towards other girls, and never thought any different of this until her fourth grade teacher told her she was abnormal for sending valentines to a female classmate. At age 10, Jennifer was chased out of her best friends house while being told she was going to hell after her father walked in on them dancing together.  After those negative experiences and other societal messages, Jennifer quickly learned to hide her sexuality and turned to drugs and alcohol to help quell the confusion.  It took Jennifer over a decade to finally come out of the closet and accept her sexuality. When she did she became a victim of a hate crime via cyber stalking.  Since that time she has become an advocate for the gay rights movement and was pivotal in the passage of one of Pennsylvania’s most comprehensive hate crimes laws in the country.

Victim Services Community

Jennifer Storm is the ultimate survivor turned thriver; having received the 2011 Pathfinder Award from Governor Tom Corbett and appointed to the Victims Advisory Board of Pennsylvania. Mrs. Storm has over 16 years of non-profit and governmental victims rights advocacy and experience and is actively involved in the victim’s rights movement in Pennsylvania.  She was appointed as a commissioner to The Pennsylvania Commission on Crime and Delinquency in 2002 by Governor Edward G. Rendell and she serves on various committees moving forward positive change for victims. She can speak to all facets of non-profit management and first response to victims in crisis. She is known for her innovative partnerships and collaborations and is willing to share her experiences.

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If you are seeking comment from Mrs. Storm regarding her as the Victim Advocate for the Commonwealth of PA you must contact Renee Bressler, rebressler@pa.gov