How to Get Help

There were many topics dealt with in my books from alcoholism to rape. My goal in sharing all this with you is to hopefully give you hope and show you that no matter where you have let life take you, no matter how dark it has gotten, there is light at the end of the tunnel. It’s not always easy because nothing worth fighting for ever is and I am pretty sure that your life and your spirit are worth fighting for. Here are some good resources to help you on your road to recovery whether you are the one with the need orit is a loved one with the need.

I think I may have a drinking or drug problem.

This is a very common thought and maybe you do and maybe you don’t. It isn’t my job or anyone else’s for that matter, to tell you whether or not you are an alcoholic or an addict. You must decide that on your own. If you are asking the question, than obviously there have been some things that have lead you to this place, to this book and to this very important question. This admission is a very personal one and the road to recovery which hopefully follows the admission is yours and yours alone. But here is the best part…you don’t have to travel it alone. There are so many resources and places to get help and they are all at your fingertips. Here are but a few of them:

Try Alcoholics Anonymous. Hey it won’t kill ya. Check out the “Is AA for you” section – it will answer every question may have. Maybe Narcotics Anonymous is more your speed-pun intended!Also look in the yellow pages of your phone book for local phone numbers for AA and NA. People are there waiting to listen to you, help you and even pick you up and take you to a meeting.

If you choose to go to a rehabilitation center, try Hazelden. Since 1949 they have helped people reclaim their lives from the disease of addiction using a variety of therapeutic approaches. They are a wonderful comprehensive center and if they aren’t right for you they can steer you to the right place.


Some people use interventions to get help for loved ones, here you can find resources on interventions.

Think you may have an eating disorder?

Just like any other disease, an eating disorder is an addiction and if left untreated can lead to all kinds of problems like liver damage, throat damage and possibly death.

The National Eating Disorder Association has great resources; or call their toll free helpline to talk to someone in confidence (800) 931-2237

Are you or a friend having suicidal thoughts?

HOTLINEThis book dealt with not only my own battle with suicidal thoughts and attempts but my best friend taking her own life when I was only 15 years old. I only wish there had been hotlines and resources like there are today. Maybe I would have picked up the phone and called someone? Suicide is no joke and if you are having these thoughts or you have a friend or loved one who has expressed these thoughts-call this number and talk to someone who is trained. Sometimes it is scary and hard to think about reaching out to someone who knows us or the people in our lives. That is why hotlines like these are available. They are free and confidential. You don’t have to suffer in silence, there is help.

1-800-SUICIDE (784-2433) or 1-800-273-TALK (8255)

Are you a victim of a crime?

get-help-now.gifDo you know that as a crime victim you have many rights under the law? You have the right to be heard in the criminal justice process, to restitution, to be treated with dignity, compassion and respect, to compensation, to protection, the right to a speedy trial, to be informed of the status of your case, to be present at your trial or hearing and many more. To learn more about your rights as a crime victim check out these amazing resources:

With the Jerry Sandusky case comes tons of questions about sexual violence, identifying warning signs, how one can help etc. The National Center for Sexual Violence has put together this great fact sheet.

International Crime Victims Services

Are you a victim of a crime in another country? What are your rights? If you are planning a trip, what do yo need to know?

Before going on your next vacation or business trip outside the United States, make sure to educate yourself about these services.  No one knows when they will become a victim of a crime, the best defense is an informed offense.  Educate yourself.  Empower yourself.  When in another country often times there are language barriers you will have to overcome and services will not always be readily offered to you–you will have to be your own advocate–ensure that you at least know who to call and when to ease the burden if you become a victim.

If you were a victim of a crime while on vacation or traveling in another country, you may have rights you can access.  The Office of Victims Services has a webpage that allows you to search the rights and services you are afforded.

Please go here to find out what rights or services you are legally entitled too. Additionally, here are some great publications and resources to educate you as to what rights and services you have and where to access them. or

See International Crime Victim Compensation Programs if you are eligible for financial compensation as a crime vicitm in another country.

I am not sure if I am gay or not?

Whether you are just questioning your sexuality or you know for certain it is helpful to reach out and find support. Things are so much better today for queer youth but there are still many challenges, fears, discrimination and hatred in this world. The goal is to keep you safe and to help you find an environment that will foster healthy questioning and development.

Here are some amazing places to look for help!

I don’t know what to do about my adolescent child?

While all the above resources can help you as a parent, “By Parents For Parents” is a great resource that is for parents by parents that can also offer a litany of resources.


I hope you find these resources helpful, even if you aren’t sure that you need help-there is no shame is seeking it out. Life is hard and there are so many ups and downs that we go through, especially as young people. Here is one certainty I can offer you as the best resources ever–you never have to go through anything alone again. Reach out, ask for help and try something, anything healthy, that will help ease the pain or answer the questions.

With much Love and Respect,

Jennifer Storm