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I realize I am about a week or so behind on this whole giving thanks thing but I need to give a huge thank you to some incredible people and companies who have really helped me and been so supportive through this whole book ordeal. The book goes to print this Friday and it has been one hellava process. This is my virtual shout out to the peeps who have stuck by me so far and supported the hell out of me!

Hazelden Publishing — for being so patient with me and schooling me in this whole new world of publishing. I have fired a million questions at so many of you and you have patiently answered everyone. Ann Hooper, April Dahl, Don Freeman, Sid Farrar, David Spohn and lastly but not least—Jean Cook who challenged me to write more and dig a little deeper.

The Bravo Group—The Bravo Group is a communications and public relations firm based in Harrisburg and Philadelphia Pennsylvania. I have worked with them professionally as they have done incredible work supporting my organization— They have been helping me with promotion for this newest endeavor in my life and I couldn’t have wished for a more professional, hip, intelligent and supportive relationship than that which I have with them! Thank you Jennifer Merchant & Bill Spinner specifically!! Jen you ROCK MY WORLD!!! I got nothing but mad love for ya sista! Visit them and use them for all your communication and PR needs.

Steven Moyer the photographer who took my first ever publicity shots! Even though I loathe my own profile mainly because I feel like I look like Barbara Streisand from the side—minus the afro—you some how managed to make me look good from the side and that is seriously noteworthy!

Dave Robertson & Factory 44 because you are a web designing genius!!! Dave has built the incredibly professional webpage you now have come to know and love as who the hell would’ve ever thought I would have a webpage. Anyway…if you need any web design work done please use this man—he is incredible!!!

Melody Beattie—for many reasons. 1.) Because you were one of the first women in recovery to give voice to this horrible disease we call addiction. Your writing gave me hope in my sobriety and kept me sane on a daily basis with the knowledge that I wasn’t alone! 2.) For responding to my first email and engaging me personally with your inspiration, advice and encouragement. In person you are everything your books reflect you to be! 3.) For writing this kick ass endorsement that will grace the back cover of my new memoir.

A common story. A rare twist.

When the American Dream becomes her secret nightmare, quietly Jennifer Storm begins the dark descent into addiction. Then she discovers that the same events that destroy her, also create her. Written in a humble, raw voice, Jennifer Storm helps us remember where we came from–and why. “Blackout Girl” brings us one step closer to forgiving ourselves for something we didn’t do.

Melody Beattie, author of “Codependent No More,” “The Grief Club,” and other best sellers.

Finally to my family and friends & staff and loved ones (ROMA), some new to my life and some of you from my past who have come back recently and some of you who never left 😉 (My Nettie!!) for constantly checking with me, purchasing my book online and loving and supporting me through this rather lengthy process that is defined as publishing!! I wouldn’t be able to breathe easy without you…thank you!

YOU—yes you…the ones who come to my page and read my blogs and leave me wonderful messages of support! I love checking my email everyday to find lovely little notes of support and energy from all over the world! This book is basically out of my hands now…no more changes, no more do-over’s, no more this would sound better, this chapter should go here, I forgot this story. Done! Going to print….nothing but pure faith that is book will prevail and help others in this world. The finish line is nice…and scary…and real…and here! I have already begun to write the follow-up memoir so hopefully I will just be repeating this whole process over again but this time with much more education, style and grace thanks to all of the above! During this holiday season I have so much to be grateful for so…Gràsce, Mèrczi, Munchas gracias, Cheers, Áwdém áalò, Danke, Mahalo, Arigato, Vandane, Da blu, Ahsante, Shukur, THANK YOU!

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