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On November 5, 2011, Jerry Sandusky, an assistant under Penn State football coach Joe Paterno, was arrested and charged with fifty-two counts of sex crimes against young boys. The ensuing scandal not only rocked one of the most fabled college athletic programs in the country, but the allegations of a cover-up reached all the way up to the very top of the school’s administration. Lost in the media storm is an acknowledgement of the plight of the victims.

Award-winning author and nationally recognized victim’s rights advocate, Jennifer Storm, has written a powerful response to the Jerry Sandusky adolescent sex abuse case in a new CRP Editions e-book release, Echoes of Penn State: Facing Sexual Trauma. Mixing elements of her own story of victimization as a pre-teen along with a stunning critique of the handling of the case, Jennifer has created a document that is required reading for anyone trying to find answers in this unfolding tragedy.

With Echoes, Ms. Storm offers tools for recovery to help other abuse victims understand what they are going through, both emotionally and spiritually. Elsewhere, she provides a well-researched examination of victim’s rights, from reporting the crime, through protecting anonymity during trial. A listing of online resources completes this powerful e-book from an advocate who knows what’s at stake and has created an important work that speaks to sexual assault victims and their loved ones.

Jennifer’s inspiring story of survival and transformation has appeared in two previous books, Blackout Girl (Hazelden, 2008) and Leave the Light On (Central Recovery Press, 2010). In 2011, Ms. Storm received the Pathfinder Award for Excellence in Victims Services in the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania. She was also appointed by Governor Tom Corbett to the Victims Service Advisory Board on July 22, 2011 for a four year term. Jennifer lives in central Pennsylvania where she serves as Executive Director of the state’s Victim Witness Protection Program.

Picking Up the Pieces Without Picking Up

Picking up the PiecesJust when you thought recovery couldn’t get any harder, life on life’s terms happens, and sometimes that means someone perpetrating violence on you or your home.

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Leave the Light On

Leave the Light OnIn the follow-up to Blackout Girl, her memoir of alcohol addiction, author Storm continues her compelling journey to fulfillment as a functional, substance-free human being.

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Blackout Girl

Blackout GirlA riveting memoir of what happens to a teenage girl whose life is awash in alcohol, drugs, and the trauma of rape. Discover the tender gritty, self-told survival story of a teenage addict. Here is a cant-tear-yourself-away look at what can happen to the one-in-five teenagers who have a drinking problem.

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Blackout Girl the Film is currently filming and expected to be completed in late 2019.