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Oh I said it and I know yes, technically, I am a Penn State Alumni and I am not deterring from my duties as a respectfully proud alumni…in fact I invoked Dear Old State multiple times and paid homage to my alma mater. However, I must give props where props are due and University of Connecticut was nothing but good times!!

I had the awesome opportunity to meet with a ton of the female athletes at UCONN and to speak with them on Monday night. The crowd was amazing and I was so thrilled to be there. I met some pretty incredible young women that really just totally inspired me and made me remember how great college was. Walking around the beautiful campus made me slightly nostalgic for my college days; it felt like it was only yesterday that I was hosting rallies on the steps of Old Main at Dear Old State!

Tuesday morning I presented to the coaches and was so impressed with the turnout and great dialogue that we had about really important issues such as sexual assault, eating disorders, cutting etc. It was wonderful and I hope they got as much from me as they gave to me.

I got to spend some great quality time with a friend and as we caught up over the two days I was ever reminded of what a wonderful human being she truly is!!! What a great gift you are to the world Coach McGreevy!!!

I rounded my time off with having a great casual lunch with a couple soccer players (and one hockey player ;)) and seriously had a BLAST! I laughed so hard and again felt that pang of nostalgia-oh to be young and frisky on a college campus again. To be so alive within your own skin and intellectually and politically defiant is such a precious and rare freedom one has while in college. Not to mention those friendships that are formed and the fun of just being a student and embracing all that comes with that–like wearing sweats all day every day…oh how I miss that!

But alas, here I am back in my office wearing my tailored suit and trying to be an adult. Oh well, nothing lasts forever right?

Thank you to everyone I had the great opportunity to meet at UCONN. You gals rock!!!

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