Day Two of My Hollywood Adventure

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We checked into our hotel on Saturday or Memorial Day weekend and the place was crawling with young Hollywood types everywhere. We were given neon wrist bands at the front desk for the pool party that would be taking place all night both that day and the next. I knew I was in for some trouble already. I had no idea our hotel was such a haven for partying. I would never have booked it. My partner and I went to bed at our usual time of 8:30 pm, I know, I know, but hey in recovery I am a morning girl now. Long gone are the days of the all-nighter for me, I am a 5:30 am wake-up girl now!

As I had suspected at about 2:30 am the noise started, loud incoherent ramblings of drunkards coming up the steps and pouring into the halls of our floor. There was banging, screaming, laughing and it kept on going. It became clear that there was a wild party forming in the room next to us. I tossed, I turned, I growled and then finally after an hour-I called the front desk. Moments later, I heard a knock from security on the door where the party was occurring. The room fell into whispered hushes as I heard a person say, “Yes, we will keep it down, sorry.”

And they did, for about the amount of time it took the security guard to get down the elevator and then it started again, so again, I called, and security came and knocked…it was a never ending cycle all night. Needless to say I faced my first full day in LA with only about 5 hours sleep, which for me, is not enough. But it was LA so my spirits were high and after we hit the gym we noticed about six large trucks parked all around our hotel with the name Fox Studios imprinted on the doors.

“Oh my god, they must be filming something here.” I squealed with joy. “You think?” my sarcastic ass partner came back. She has a knack for being a wise ass.

After some probing of the security guards that began pouring out of the trucks we found out they would be filming an episode of Prison Break in our hotel!

We were stoked! We took our butts out on the town in LA for the day, we hit Rodeo Drive, I drooled over very overpriced expenses ass shit I couldn’t afford. I did manage to snag a hot sweatshirt like Juicy Couture jacket 50% off! We made our way back to the hotel just in time to see the star of Prison Break filming a scene in the parking lot of our hotel. So like any tourist I pulled out my cell phone and snapped a picture of that bad boy. Roma threw and fit about how I was going to get thrown out, blah, blah,…

I maybe gay, but honey I ain’t blind and this boy is a smoking hottie. Here is my pathetic picture of Wentworth Miller.

Wentworth Miller

Later while we were eating at the hotel pool they moved the shot into the pool and he was about five paces in front of me eating a piece of pizza…I wanted to be the cheese…then he blew his nose and I ponder for a moment whether its contents would be worth anything on ebay…then I snapped out of it!

Same deal with the party hotel that night when we retired to our room but worse this time. And at about 4:00 am I smelt an old familiar wafting scent across my nose that made me bolt upright in bed….”that is pot, there smoking weed.” I said to Roma. I was stunned for a minute thinking how could they do this on a non-smoking floor, until I was quickly reminded that this was the same crap I had done in my past. I called security again but the whole hotel was in full swing and they simply responded with, “We’re sorry Ma’am, but it is a holiday weekend.”

The next morning, having only another three hours of slept under my belt, I stomped down to the front desk to speak with a manager who took one look at my partner and I and our weary eyes and said, “Wow, you look tired.” He immediately upgraded us to a suite twice the size of ours on the 9th floor that proved to be nice and quiet for the rest of our stay. Apparently several others complained and they moved us all to one corner of the hotel which suited me just fine.

We had turn down service and chocolates on the pillow every night after and I slept like a baby. Now this was the Hollywood treatment I was hoping for!

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