I’m back…did you miss me?

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I was out in Los Angeles for a week for the book and it was fantastic! I took a break from writing and had no internet…I know, can you imagine…I even took a couple blackberry breaks. And while I vibrated in withdrawal a little and felt an odd sensation in my right hand like something was missing the whole time; I did survive. I am so addicted to my “crackberry” that a little necessary detox was long overdue…

The good thing about being gone for a solid week with no internet is that now I have plenty of good material to write about. Lucky you!

I must blog a little bit about the new SEX AND THE CITY movie! I came home from the airport last night, threw my luggage on the floor and pulled my baby out the door to the theater to see this long anticipated movie. I LOVE these women; everything about them makes me feel more connected to the female spirit in every way possible. If I am feeling down, I can pop in one of my DVD’s and instantly feel connected and better. The writing and character development is nothing short of brilliant. I could watch them for hours and hours…I have been known to stay home on a Saturday and watch a whole season with a bowl of popcorn!

The movie did not disappoint in anyway. I laughed, I cried and I squealed with joy. Yes, it was predictable at times but with actors and writing like this…who cares!!! I knew mid-way through exactly how it would end. As a writer, I have this annoying habit of blurting out how I think a movie or show will end in the middle of the it based on the plot structure and 9 out of 10 times I am right…which really pisses off my partner by the way. And I didn’t fail last night…mid-way though the movie I said “It better end with…”

Don’t worry…no spoilers here for you.After all…that is like searching out your X-mas presents in advance…who does that shit!The movie is worth it so go see it.

The soundtrack listed below is equally brilliant…purchase it today…you will love it!!!

I will blog more later about our adventures in Hollywood…we had the best experiences there and I plan to post a blog each day this week to share them all with you…including some fun pics!!!

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