The only thing that remains the same is change…

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Change is the most inevitable force of nature…it comes in and sweeps us off our feet when we least expect it too. Whether the change is for the positive or a potential negative in our lives it throws us off balance. Why does it seem that just when I think my path is figured out…it all goes up in a smoke filled twist of fate? Something comes into my life that changes the path dramatically and offers an opportunity that has only danced around in the land of dreams and possibilities inside my head, then all the sudden, without warning it opens itself into my life like a present unwrapping slowly affixed with a card that says…”This could be yours, if you work hard and really want it.”

So here I am again…faced with two roads, two paths down which lie two dreams I’ve always had but I must choose, at least for now, for both paths cannot be taken simultaneously. I must walk one and see (hope, pray, trust) that a fork lies at the end of the road leading me to the other and if it doesn’t than I have to accept my choice. I may have to relinquish one of my dreams, or do I? Cannot I not just leave it to faith that the fork in the road will appear? Heck, I think I know that if I want it badly enough I will build the fork, construct it with my will if I have too; I think I have proven that much in my life, haven’t I?

Choices-all around me-go left, turn right, choose option A or take what’s behind door number two. Both equally hold the weight of a tremendous knowledge that my entire life will change in an instant once either decision is made. Both will leave me vulnerable in very different ways and exposed uniquely to the world in front of me. Not that I mind exposure or vulnerability really, in fact, I sort of thrive on both as they lead me to growth and information. After all isn’t life just one big fact finding mission…one big growth spurt? Whichever conclusion I claim in this, I know I will rise as victor is the face of either challenge I pick. It’s the picking part that bugs me…but maybe, just maybe these paths will cross in a lovely way that will enable both to unfold gently in my life.

We shall see…

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