Secrets Will Keep You Sick

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Here is a sneak at my new article in Mystic Pop Magazine

Secrets Will Keep You Sick

“Your secrets will keep you sick” was one of the mottos I heard during my stay in a rehabilitation center for drug and alcohol addiction. It was a statement that I had never really considered before then. After all, I thought my secrets kept me safe: safe from reality and safe from the pain and the scrutiny that would be sure to follow if the people in my life really knew the things I felt, thought, and had done. I spent my entire preteens, teens, and early twenties hiding my scars from the world and from myself.

As a child I quickly learned that in my house we didn’t speak of tough issues like abuse, drugs, or death. I was taught to keep those things hidden and just act as if everything was okay. After all, this is what suburban families often did: We smiled for the camera at Christmastime and sent off our “American dream” card to our neighbors, families, and friends; yet in reality, behind closed doors, the smiles were rarely seen and all hell was breaking loose!

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