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I am back in town for a few weeks and it is so good to be home. My bed. My baby. My puppies…who aren’t so puppy-ish 🙂 the statement that “Absence makes the heart grow fonder” is so true. It’s good to get away and spend quality time with yourself when you can. It makes the homecoming all the sweeter. My schedule in the upcoming weeks is rather hectic so I am enjoying this peaceful fall day.

The crisp air and hint of color on the leaves is making my heart warm with thoughts of hooded sweatshirts and slush and scratch of leaves at my feet. As much as I complain about living on the East Coast with all its pollen and sinus glory…I wouldn’t trade the change of seasons for anything. The way Mother Nature comes in and cleans house every so often is one of the greatest gifts to behold. As she gently blows cool air into the warmth of summer and harvests the earth making everything bright in her wake is such a beauty to encounter. Fall is hands-down my favorite time in the calendar year. I do hope we have a nice long fall this year. Pennsylvania has had a tendency as of late to rush into each season without the ability to savor.

I personally don’t want to see a snow flake until early December and then I want at least one of those intense and crazy blankets of old-school Pennsylvania white to cover the entire state for a good three to four days. I want the world to stop and nobody to leave there home until the storm passes. Cuddle up against wooded fires with loved ones and laugh and enjoy each other.

I just came back from Louisville Kentucky where aside from my aching head each day from a higher pollen count than PA—I had an amazing time! I was at the annual NOVA Conference or North American Victims Assistance Conference. www. trynova. org to learn more of this great organization. It was a great time to see old faces and friends and to meet new ones. Thank you to all who came to my workshop on writing. It was an honor and joy to meet each of you on your personal journey of healing and writing. I was so overwhelmed by the strength of the people I met…rape survivors, homicide survivors all looking, seeking and yes, finding our purposes together. Learning together how to turn tragedy into triumph. To take the worst and make the best out of it. To find our inner strength, our voices—together. To see the actual place and time one goes from victim to survivor to thriver is a beauty in and of itself. Thank you for sharing your pain and hope with me. Thank you for rejuvenating me and my spirit. Thank you for reinforcing Gods purpose in my life for me.

Today I prepare for a visit from my parents and I couldn’t be happier at the mature closeness and relationship I have with them today. My immediate family is so small and in that–fragile in my mind. Every moment I get, I savor.

Have a wonderful weekend everyone and take time out to enjoy the change in season even if you aren’t on the east coast there is still definitely change in the air in multiple ways.

Take time to stop and watch the magnificence at work…

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  1. Life is funny. I heard about you today while reading Rosie’s ASK RO section. I will definitely buy your book and wish you much success with your work

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