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The new movie Observe and Report comes off in commercials like any other funny pushing the limit Seth Rogen film.  I’ve seen many of his films and while yes they push the limits-they have never gone this far.  Apparently in the middle of this movie the filmmaker’s crash about as far over a line as one can go.  A scene in the film depicts a date between Rogan’s character and Anna Farris’s character.  A portion of the date is shown in the previews on TV-showing Anna Farris’s character tanking back shots and later puking at which point Rogen kisses her with puke on her face.  As if that weren’t gross enough, forward to the next scene where Rogen’s character is having aggressive sex with Farris while her eyes are closed, her body is limp and she has vomit seeping out her mouth onto the pillow next to her.  He stops and screams “I’m sorry” at which point she slurs a quick acknowledgment of what is happening at which point he resumes raping her. This is all done to elicit a laugh from an audience of what is sure to be in the millions given Rogen’s vast fame.As a rape survivor whose victimization occurred while blacked out-I find this movie to be repugnant and damaging.  April is National Sexual Assault Month and should be reserved for creating awareness of this horrific plague on our community. Please do not see this film as it makes an utter mockery of rape. 

I cannot even begin to understand the cultural damage this is going to do to further harm women in our society.  1 in 6 women become victims of sexual assault in this country.  The reality is that many females will be walking into the theaters over the next couple days with no knowledge that this scene is in this movie as it has not shown up in the commercials. This could trigger devastating PTSD affects and will cause a re-victimization for so many. 

Check out this review before wasting your money.

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