Addiction in America- Vote for me to have my own show!

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So with Oprah leaving daytime talk, she is searching for new show ideas for her very own network. She is holding an open casting call for a new and innovative show idea and I submitting a video!

View my video and vote for me if you think my idea is worthy.

My show would be a very frank and candid discussion about Addiction in America. It seems that almost every day we are hearing stories of people who are dying from untreated addictions. Our country is consumed with the idea of addiction, we are fascinated by those who die from this horrible epidemic yet we aren’t providing viable solutions to this problem. I would love to host a show that would really discuss the ins and outs of addiction. What is a real addiction and what isn’t? How do we prevent addiction? How do we reach out a hand and help an active addict? Are we over drugging our children with pharmaceuticals and creating addictions while we try to treat compulsive disorders? Are we confusing compulsive disorders with true addiction? And if so how do we tell the difference and how to do we offer alternative solutions to compulsive disorders that do not create addictions?

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