Blackout Girl the Film

Blackout Girl
The documentary film based on the Memoir by Jennifer Storm

Shining a light on dark secrets reveals the path to recovery.

A 12-year old girl is raped during an alcohol-induced blackout, beginning a ten-year journey into darkness. Jennifer Storm’s story teaches us important lessons about the role of trauma in addiction and illuminates a new pathway to recovery.

“Our secrets keep us sick.”

Those words changed everything for Jennifer Storm. With her wrists still stinted and bandaged from a brutal and nearly fatal suicide attempt, Jennifer was just days into rehab. Jen realized that her silence fed her shame, and that her shame kept her bound to her addiction. And she wasn’t alone.

Based on her highly acclaimed autobiography, Blackout Girl is the story of Jennifer Storm’s descent into addiction and despair after being raped, and her subsequent triumph over darkness as she moved past her trauma to become the leading voice for victims in Pennsylvania.

Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) is commonly associated with veterans who have experienced trauma during active duty. Rape victims, however, have been shown to have higher rates of PTSD, with sustained symptoms of anxiety and depression triggered by everyday life. Studies which examine Adverse Childhood Experiences have found that up to 90% of women with addiction issues report a history of sexual abuse or severe violence.

The film also examines the role of binge drinking and blacking out on the rates of sexual assault. Currently nearly 20% of undergraduate women experience some form of completed sexual assault since entering college, and nearly 50% of all college students report having blacked out. Most sexual assaults happen after a woman has consumed alcohol voluntarily.

Jennifer’s story demonstrates how rape, childhood abuse, and other traumatic experiences create a fertile ground for addiction and other self- destructive behaviors. And offers insight into what the recovery and mental health treatment communities need to do to deal with these issues more effectively.

Filming began on June 29th, 2018 and continues through 2019. An anticipated release date will be announced.


Sylvia Caminer – Director, Producer

Sylvia Caminer is an Emmy® Award-winning director with extensive credits in theatre, film and television. She is the producer/director of the award winning documentaries TANZANIA A JOURNEY WITHIN, and AN AFFAIR OF THE HEART, which chronicles the unique relationship between pop icon Rick Springfield and his intensely devoted fans.

Tracy Schott – Producer/Writer

Tracy is the Producer of LOCATION! LOCATION! starring Michael Constantine, Executive Producer of TRAFFIC OPERA and A PERFECT YOU and Producer/Director of the award-winning FINDING JENN’S VOICE, a documentary film examining intimate partner homicide, for which she is a sought-after speaker. Tracy directed the Emmy nominated reality show DREAM WEDDINGS and the TV pilot FRANKLIN STREET STATION.

Jennifer Storm – Subject, Writer, Producer

Jennifer Storm is the award winning author of Blackout Girl, Leave the Light On, and Picking Up the Pieces Without Picking Up, She is the gubernatorial appointed Victim Advocate of the State of Pennsylvania. She is a widely sought-out expert speaker on the subjects of trauma, addiction and victim’s rights. She has appeared on The Today Show, ABC World News, E! News, and in countless newspapers and magazine including Time Magazine, Rolling Stone, Cosmopolitan, Marie Claire, for her expertise on victim experiences.