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The webpage is finally live. Please bare with us while we work out a couple common glitches! Otherwise, every page should work fine and please feel free to share the page with your friends! I will be blogging on here frequently to update you on the book progress and eventually to take you on tour with me as I hope to travel to various locations upon the launch of the book. Today I gave my first lecture at the Pro-A conference, a statewide recovery conference here in Pennsylvania. It was exhilarating and really hit home with me how much I want to share my message with others. I do hope it is the first of many to come!

Book update~ Okay, so writing a book is perhaps the longest process in the world. We have one more set of chapters left to copy edit-which essentially means I sit and right click to either accept or reject changes in a word document until my eyes bleed and my hand stiffens. I much rather enjoy the free form writing part to the editing part any day. But, alas, it is part of the process and I know my writing needs it so I am willing and grateful to do the work. To that end, I have recently discovered a new book that has become my bible in writing. The Associated Press Stylebook is a god sent for this new writer. It sits next to my computer at all times and I highly recommend it if you are a writer or fancy yourself one in the future.

Next steps, the design guy does his thing and throws my book into whatever format he deems suitable and then they arrive in my inbox for approval! I cannot wait to see the actually pages of my book as they will look. I am lucky to have such a great publisher who includes me in the process and cares what I think. Hazelden is great!

In about two weeks we will begin to send out copies for review purposes. This is an exciting part for me as I cannot wait to hear the reaction to the book. But once the pages are done and the book is physically out of my hands, I have to also let it go spiritually as well. I have to trust in the work I have done and have faith in this process. No matter what is said about me or my book; I know who I am and I am proud of just putting pen to paper and having it come this far.

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