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Wow things just keep happening and it is all so incredibly exciting. I finished copy editing and just signed off on the first copy of the layout and page design–which I have to say look AMAZING. I think you are going to love what the pages look like! So next week we will start sending out review copies…that will be a little nerve racking. I know I just need to let go and let god, but I am human and of course I care what people think of this book. I have no control over what people say. I just hope it resonates with people, in my heart, I truly believe it will. I believe-as corny as this is going to sound-that all of this happened for a reason, that my rough beginnings were a training ground for this very experience. To carry the message to those that are still sick and suffering in this way is such a gift. I am incredibly humbled.

Also you can now pre-order the book on Amazon

If you are interested in purchasing the book you can go now and place your order. The book will be available in a couple months. By making your purchase online this does a couple things:

  1. You get a nice discount, 5% off the cover price!
  2. You help drive up my Amazon sales which ultimately gauges the success of the book. Amazon is a powerful little tool and many people look at their sales ranking to determine the success or worth of your book.
  3. You get a first edition copy of the book (who knows it may be worth something some day) and you can bring it to an upcoming speaking engagement or book signing.

So please my friends…go there, pre-order the book and pass this on to all your friends!!!

So that gets me to my final topic. If you want to bring me to your school, town, university, group etc. Please visit the webpage and let’s make it happen. I am currently booking dates for Spring of 2008.

**Special Note for those of you in Athletics. If you bring me in through your athletics association-you can now apply for an NCAA scholarship for $500 towards my costs. I am now an approved speaker for the NCAA! Go to this webpage and click on the right hand side where it says H&S Speakers!

What a whirlwind this has been already…and it is only the beginning my friends, only the beginning!!

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  1. Hey J ~ Just FINALLY checking out your page here — VERY, VERY COOL. Have I told you lately that I’m so uber proud of you 😉 Love ya~ D

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