Love Junkie

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Love Junkie: A Memoir

By Rachel Resnick

This brutally honest account of Resnick’s personal compulsion toward sex to fill the void of her horrific childhood is a must read for anyone who seeks to understand love and sex obsession. Resnick details is vivid prose her dysfunctional childhood wrought with abandonment, sexual confusion, her mothers alcoholism and neglect. It is a miracle she made it without turning to alcoholism herself. Her escape of choice was men and loveless abusive relationships instead. She confused sex with love and love with attention. She spent the majority of her adult life looking for love in every sexual encounter and male glance she received until one day she realized that the only place true love can be found is from within. Resnick seeks help in a local support group for those like her and finds solace and personal freedom. She sheds a bright light on a very dark subject.

 This title was recently released and can be found at all book retailers and online at for more information about the author and her work.

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