Penn State named nation’s top party school in Princeton Review survey

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I got clean and sober at Penn State.  I went to college there in early recovery and stayed clean and sober for my entire four year stay there. Sure there were times when it was hard, but my recovery was what enabled me to go there in the first place and become the first person in my family ever to graduate from college.

 I didn’t have a boring experience, in fact, I had a blast at Penn State and I never picked up a drink or drug.

 It is possible to attend a university with a party reputation and stay clean and sober. I created an environment for myself which enabled me to do so.

I avoided people, places and things.

I didn’t tailgate.

I didn’t hang out down town on Friday or Saturday nights when I knew the bar scene was huge.

I went to parties, becuase I was young, but I always made sure I went with people who knew I was sober.

I brought my own bottle of water and held onto it all night, if I did go out.

I was the president of my sorority.

I was actively involved in tons of organizations on campus and joined many groups.

I was accepted as a recovering person.

I started recovery twelve step meetings on campus at noon.

Both my books, Blackout Girl: Growing Up and Drying Out in America and my new book, Leave the Light On: A Memory of Recovery and Self-Discovery–talk about my experiences of being young and sober.

So here’s to you Princeton Review for enabling me to beat yet another odd–attending the #1 Party School in America and never picking up a drink or drug!

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  1. Thanks for a vote of confidence for those who need it. You are a strong example of one’s determination to succeed despite the odds, especially at a party school. I have a neice going this fall and I will have her and her mom read this—it is supportive and uplifting at the same time. Can’t wait to read your next book, Leave the Light On. Keep on writing and advocating for a healthy sober life.

  2. It’s good to know that I wasn’t the only one living a clean but happy life during college years. Peer pressure then was pretty fierce and if you don’t do what they do you’re considered boring already. Thank you.

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