You can’t cry over lost eye lashes?

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Oh how my life entertains me sometimes.  I haven’t slept well over the past couple days as I was house/dog sitting for a dear friend.  Apparently both of her labs are use to sleeping in bed with her—a custom I am not really fond of as I have serious no touching boundaries when sleeping.  So I got very little sleep for the past three days.  By yesterday, I had Red Bull for breakfast in an attempt to make it thru the day and was just utterly exhausted!

My goal was to go home and hit my own bed finally for some much needed sleep, until I got a call from a reporter who wanted me to come do a quick interview on the budget.  Of course I said yes and hung up the phone.  I looked like a hot mess—hair was all undone, my makeup was worn off from the day.  I had about an hour to get home, eat and hit the studio.  Needless to say, I was rushing like a mad woman.  I was starving and quickly ate a frozen vegan meal and then ran upstairs to freshen up my hair and make-up.  I had about ten minutes to get to the studio.  I grabbed my metal eye lash curler…the great go-to refresher for eyes.  I was trying to make it look like I wasn’t as half-dead and asleep as I felt.  As I applied the lash curler to my right eye and squeezed down, a hair or some foreign substance fell into my left eye—it hurt and I had an involuntary reaction. My right hand quickly moved to the left eye in an attempt to rid my eye of said substance.  When this happened…the eye lash curler ripped off my eye lid taking with it all but two of my eye lashes!  I just sat and starred in the mirror in shock for a couple seconds until the pain surfaced and my poor naked right eye began to throb.  It got all red and puffy. 

Oh my god! I thought.  I have no eye lashes. Oh my god.

In this moment….I really had only two options, have a complete and utter emotional breakdown or laugh my ass off.  I choose the later. I mean seriously, what else can you do?! After the laughing fit concluded; I quickly cancelled the interview, slapped on my best big black sunglasses and drove to my closest Rite Aid where I inspected and purchased several brands of fake lashes.  I am now attempting to learn how to put these damn things on. 

I took a mental health day, because, seriously if I ever need one in my life-today is the day. I have been scouring the internet to find out a.) how to apply false lashes to no lashes and b.) If they will grow back and how long that takes.  Thankfully, eye lashes grow back—in about 2-3 weeks. I also found I wasn’t alone. I love the internet because no matter what you’re looking for, you can always find a community out there to help make you feel just a little bit less stupid!  I plan to take a ton of prenatal vitamins and Vitamin B to accelerate this process. In the meantime I am trying to not look like a Drag Queen version of Lady Gaga. 

Life on life’s terms sometimes can be quite comical.

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