What does the “picking up” part mean?

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At a recent book signing, I was asked what does the “picking up” in my new book title, Picking Up the Pieces WITHOUT Picking Up mean?

It dawned on me that not everyone may be familiar with this phrase. In most 12 step programs the term “picking up” means relapsing into an old negative behavior, such as picking up a drink, a drug, junk food etc. whatever you would normally or have in the past used to cope with stress, trauma, life on life’s terms.

Once in recovery, it is often a daily struggle or process for people avoid “picking up” the things that once ailed us. We must be vigilant about safe guarding our recovery at every turn in life and learn to pick up useful and healthy coping mechanisms, such as picking up the phone and calling a friend to talk to, picking up a meeting list and going to a support group, picking up a book that will offer us some guidance etc.

I’ve always said recovery is a learned behavior for those of us who are so use to doing the thing that will harm us the most. Like any learned behavior, we must practice it daily and be reminded of it often.

This book is meant to offer a resource to those in recovery, those who have loved ones in recovery or struggling to find recovery at a time in their lives when they most need help and resources–when they find themselves by not fault of their own, a victim of crime or trauma.

This short and handy resource will not only offer them healing tools and recovery tools, but additionally, vital information to help them cope with trauma, victimization and the systems they may encounter or have to engage as a result. The book highlights victims rights, where to seek assistance in your area, how to initiate your rights and at what point in the criminal or civil justice system and real simple solutions for dealing with the aftermath of trauma.

I hope this book helps you and your loved ones to find solace and recovery at what is and can most likely feel like the worst days of your life. YOU ARE NOT ALONE!

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