PSU Alumni Jennifer Storm responds to Jerry Sandusky sex assault scandal

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Jennifer was recently interviewed in light of the Jerry Sandusky sex assault scandal, as a PSU graduate, she had a lot to say.

Statement from Jennifer Storm, executive director of the Victim/Witness Assistance Program in Dauphin County:

“I firmly believe that Penn State officials—including Coach Paterno and President Graham Spanier – failed in their duties to report these heinous crimes to authorities.  They had clear knowledge of Sandusky’s behavior since 1998, and never did one thing to protect the victims.  Instead, they protected themselves and their institution.

This entire case is a systematic failure at its worst.  Due in part by the lack of reporting these offenses when they were brought to light; more children were victimized as a result.

I implore any persons out there who may have suffered at the hands of Jerry Sandusky to come forward to receive free and confidential victim services.  You are not alone, and there is help.”

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