The protector of the monsters are no better than the monsters themselves.

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Today we will finally see long awaited charges filed against The Pennsylvania State University President Graham Spanier say sources to The Post-Gazette.  This is a day so many of us have been waiting for–judgement day for Spanier, accountability for his lack of leadership and his failure to act.  From the first day in November when the grand jury presentment was released I said publicly that he needed to be charged.  As a PSU Alumni with intimate knowledge of how the administration operates when faced with crimes against their students, I knew there was no way he didn’t have knowledge of these events and that he was complicit in the cover-up.

Remember he “denied being aware of a 1998 University Police investigation of Sandusky for incidents with children in football building showers.” to a grand jury and that is called perjury.  If you know anything about the way Penn State operated, then you know nothing went on at that campus that could have caused them bad publicity without Spanier’s hands all in it.  He was the mass media manipulator when it came to keeping Penn State’s image squeaky clean.

The Freeh Report provides evidence that he knew-not speculation as some would say-but evidence by way of email exchanges.  Spanier knew and because he cared more about the image of the University than the safety of little children; he should be placed in a jail cell next to Sandusky.  The protector of the monsters are no better than the monsters themselves in the eyes of their victims.  The adults in the lives of those who are abused, who sit by knowingly and do nothing are remembered just as vividly by their young eyes, and for some, are looked upon with just as much if not more hatred.  Because they could have stopped it and they didn’t.

I hope this arrest today will give another piece of comfort and justice to the brave young men who were brutalized for so many years.  I hope it shows all victims of abuse that it is unacceptable to sit by and do nothing when you witness abuse.  I hope it rings loud and clear in the halls of every university in this country that if you fail to protect your students and young people on your campus you will go to jail.  I pray it encourages more people to come forward and speak up and out about abuse they may have endured regardless of the “status” or “perceived status” of the offender.  I hope this case illustrates to everyone that child sexual abuse will not be tolerated at any level and those who cover it up, look the other way or attempt to silence a victim will have their names screamed from the roof tops.

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