What we must do with our Anger—so we can actually take Action.

published in Elephant Journal ·

In headline after headline, another unarmed black man is shot dead.

The body of another transgender black woman is pulled from the river, an innocent child is targeted in the crosshairs and killed, motherless, childless, hopeless—it makes me so mad.

I can no longer push down the horror, the pain, of these injustices. In my past life, I would just have dove into a bottle or a pipe to deal with the overwhelming emotions. I had no healthy, proper release.

And now, bingeing on all this hateful content just makes rage build inside of me.

In recovery, I had to find alternatives to drain the tidal surges of rage. I am a child victim of rape and I work as a victim’s advocate, so I am continually fighting injustices, constantly hearing and seeing the worst of our society. It’s a lot to deal with, but it’s necessary work.

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