Recovery & Life Coaching

Jennifer Storm has over 23 years of continuous recovery from both alcohol and drug addiction. Her addiction started after facing a significant childhood sexual trauma and led to her life spiraling out of control. She endured more traumatic experiences which compounded her desire to escape-her escape was an addiction. It was her coping mechanism and it almost killed her in 1997.

Ms. Storm woke up in a psychiatric ward having attempted to take her own life, she then finally came to.

  • Came to believe she had an addiction.
  • Came to believe her addiction would kill her if she did not get help.
  • Came to understand that work on self and trauma therapy would relieve her suffering.
  • Came to believe that she deserved a better life.
  • Came to believe her secrets would keep her sick.
  • Came to believe she could live a life of freedom, happiness and recovery.

Ms. Storm went on to find success becoming an acclaimed and award-winning author of multiple books on addiction, trauma, and victimization and an expert in the field of victims’ rights. She is now offering her expert guidance to those who are struggling and need guidance in a non-judgment and supportive environment. With online coaching and assistance, Ms. Storm will share her experience, strength, and hope with others so they may find relief from their suffering. Using her books, she will guide participants through their pain into healing, hope, and restoration. Ms. Storm has spent 20 years working in all facets of the justice system. She has trained professionals all over the country on implementing trauma-informed care for survivors of crime, those coping with substance use disorder and trauma.

Ms. Storm learned early in her recovery that her untreated trauma was the kindling for her addiction, she created a program of healing and recovery for herself that untied her from that trauma allowing her to live a life of personal freedom. She can help you unlock that same freedom for yourself or your loved ones.

Ms. Storm is not a licensed therapist and cannot accept insurance of any kind. Fees are based upon the goals and individual circumstances of each person. If you are interested in setting up a free consultation with Ms. Storm please email